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Sunshine, Vitamin D and Chronic Pain: What is the link?

We all love the sunshine, bright days and the warm feeling of the sun on our skin. We feel energized, our mood is better and in general life seems a little more feel good factor bearable, even if you have chronic pain! But why is this the case? How does sunshine exposure relate to chronic pain levels?

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Chronic Groin & Testicular Pain

Chronic groin & testicular pain affects over 100,000 men annually. Quite often this chronic pain is the result of previous surgery or trauma such as a hernia repair, kidney removal, accident involving the scrotal region or pelvis, vasectomy or a number of infections. While the majority of chronic testicular or groin pain is from unknown causes management of the symptoms can provide the relief and quality of life you desire.

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Pain Relief Ireland supports Men’s Health Week 2018

Pain Relief Ireland recognizes that the one small step can be leap of faith if you are in pain. Just like Neil Armstrong and his crew, almost fifty years ago, took a huge step into the unknown every year we help men deal with chronic pain. Dr.

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4 ways to Reduce Opioid Prescriptions

As the opioid epidemic in the United States and worldwide continues unabated, doctors in many specialties are trying new ways to treat acute and chronic pain. The opioid Issue: real or fake news? Unfortunately, the opioid epidemic in the United States continues to grow. It has being fuelled in part by the overprescribing of opioid pain medications. There are some facts now emerging:

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Don't let pain stop a golf career!

3 tips to keep you on course for your best golf yet!The Augusta Masters are coming and the fabulous TV exposure really makes golf looks like an easy game to play. Surely you couldn’t injury yourself hitting a stationary object with a club into a relatively wide-open space? Well, think again! To become a good golfer, it is recommended that you start young and practice, practice, and practice. Golf historically is perceived as being a low-risk sport when it comes to injuries.

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Top 10 Tips for Managing Fibromyalgia Pain

Though classified as a disorder of the musculoskeletal system, the condition is now seen as a central nervous system problem. Symptoms include increased sensitivity to pain, achy and stiff joints, fatigue, and specific tender points on the back, chest, arms, and legs. Migraines, sleep disorders, and irritable bowel syndrome are also common complaints.

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