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Pain Relief Ireland News

5th Interdisciplinary Pain Symposium - Cork 2017

The 5th Interdisciplinary Pain Symposium is being held this week in Cork. This years meeting, entitled the “Gut-Pain Axis” is focused on the exploring the close relationship between chronic pain and gastrointestinal function.

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Physical Therapy Products article on Bioness StimRouter System

Thanks to Physical Therapy Products for this great article on the Bioness StimRouter System.---The First European Patients Receive the Bioness StimRouter SystemPublished on February 22, 2017

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Can we untangle the mystery of Chronic Pain?

What does “pain” mean for an individual? How should we evaluate it? How can we untangle “chronic” pain?These questions have challenged pain physicians, researchers and ultimately chronic pain sufferers since “pain” was recognised as a sensory input that sometimes we would prefer not to have.

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Top 10 tips on how to manage your pain every day!

Are you struggling to stay in control of your pain? Does everyday seem like an extension of the last and your pain never seems to go away? Does the pain seem to “eat” into you on a constant basis? Well, you are not on your own. This is a very common issue for most individuals with chronic pain every single day.

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Coccydynia- a real pain in the bum!

Do you suffer from severe pain in your tailbone?Is sitting or standing too painful?Are you tired of using strong pain-killers and carrying coccyx cushions everywhere?

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Dr. Hegarty nominated as Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, London

The Royal Society of Medicine has invited Dr. D. Hegarty to accept the nomination as a Fellow of the prestigious society.

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