Call to make an appointment :  Pain Clinic: +353 (0)25 86310 / Physio Clinic: +353 (0)21 23 55 444


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2 ways to make your appointment:

1. Phone the Pain Treatment Clinic on 025 86310 and our staff will assist you in arranging what documentation you require to facilitate an appointment.

2. Send in a referral from your GP or treating Consultants. This can be emailed to or faxed to 025 86339. This will help us to provide you with the best recovery plan quickly.


All correspondence

Pain Relief Ireland, Consultant Suites, The Elysian Building, Eglington Street, Cork.
Telephone Pain Clinic: +353 (0)25 86310
Telephone Physio Clinic: +353 (0)21 23 55 444


Cork Clinics are based at

Consultant Suites, The Elysian Building, Eglinton Street, Cork.

Mitchelstown Clinics are based at

Living Health Clinic, Fermoy Road, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork.

How to refer

Ring for an appointment on 025 86310;
Apply using the contact form on this page;
Or send a written referral to an address above.