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Are you suffering from chronic or persistent pain and not sure what you do next?
Our Pain Clinic Can Offer You Real Treatment Options
Whether you have long-standing pain or a new injury get assessed and get your recovery back on track.

Pain Clinic

Are you suffering from chronic or persistent pain and not sure what you should do about it?

Dr. Dominic Hegarty, Consultant in Pain Management & Neuromodulation can offer you real treatment options to meet your needs and manage your pain.

Pain Treatment Clinic

Health Psychology

Health Psychology focuses on the relationship between physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Nóirín Nealon Lennox is a Health Psychologist and ACT therapist. She has specialised in working with people with Chronic Pain for over a decade.

Health Psychology Clinic

WHO: No evidence to avoid Ibuprofen if suffering symptoms of COVID-19

The World Health Organization and other leading agencies say there is no evidence to support the suggestion that ibuprofen might worsen the symptoms of COVID-19.Why the confusion?The confusion started on the 18th March 2020 when the French Health Minister... Read More

Pain Relief Ireland clinics during the Covid-19 pandemic: Update

At Pain Relief Ireland we are committed to put aside our routine clinical work to deal with a situation which is turning out to be a global emergency that needs to be tackled without compromise. It is our responsibility to look after our patients as well as... Read More


I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Hegarty so much for the care, kindness and attention paid to mammy today. It is genuinely appreciated by me.

From a Patients' Family Member

Thanks a million Dominic, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and was blown away by the amount of work put into it by Ray and yourself and the eventual outcome.

RE: scientific paper co-authored by Dr. Hegarty...

Excellent Speaker, simplified the topics well to apply to daily practise.

Event: 6th Interdisciplinary Pain Symposium, Cork November 2018

Thank You very much for the slides from Your Refresher Course! I learned a lot from Your session and hope to be able to provide better care now than before!

Event: Key Note speaker at European Regional & Anaesthesia...

He's my Dr with years. What an absolute gentleman. So so nice and kind. Have all my faith in Dr Hegarty with years.

It was a great evening, two excellent presentations and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The feedback was very good. Grunenthal are delighted to be a part of this meeting and look forward to the 6th next year!

Event Testimonial...

Dr Hegarty has been looking after me for the past few years and the man is a genius as far as I'm concerned. Anyone suffering with chronic pain should go to see him, he goes...

Thanks to Dr Dominic Hegarty for the early intervention into my CRPS. The Pain Relief Ireland pain management...

I was referred to Dr. Dominic Hegarty, Pain Relief Ireland for pain management many years ago. I am 100% happy with the service and treatment I have received from...

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Patient & Procedure Information

Guidelines for your Pain Relief Ireland Day Procedure and your Pain Relief Ireland Clinic Appointment.

Please read these instructions carefully before you attend for your procedure or appointment.

Patient & Procedure Information

Procedures We Perform

  • Facet joint injections
  • Nerve root injections
  • Sacroiliac Joint injection
  • Lumbar Epidurals
  • Peripheral / regional nerve blocks
  • Sympathetic Plexus blocks
  • And many more...
More Procedures We Perform >

Type of pain we treat

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Read More About Fibromyalgia >

  • Chronic lower back and leg pain
  • Sciatica
  • Sacroiliac joint pain
  • Chronic Neck Pain
  • Nerve pain, nerve entrapment neck and arm
  • Persistent pain after your operation / scar pain
  • Complex Regional Pain syndrome
  • Coccygodynia
  • Headaches
  • Facial pain, trigeminal neuralgia
  • Thoracic / chest wall pain
  • And many more...
More Types of Pain We Treat >