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BioWave Therapy Information

Where Personalised Pain Relief Matters!

What is BioWave?

The BioWave Technology allows us deliver electrical signals deep into the tissue to block pain fibers and help improve muscle function. This unique electronic device differs from other devices in that the signal mixing technology penetrates deeper and more effectively into the painful areas, thereby giving you greater control.

At the BioWave Clinic we will provide you with a wearable device that can provide you with pain relief.

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Biowave Therapy
Biowave - what sort of pain does it help with?
  • Neck
  • Shoulder
  • Rib/Mid Torso
  • Back
  • Buttock
  • Hip
  • Biceps/Triceps/Forearm
  • Elbow
  • Wrist/Hands/Fingers
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • IT Band
  • Knee
  • Calf/Shin
  • Ankle/Foot/Toes

BioWaveGO is a revolutionary new way of treating pain that uses electric waves, rather than chemicals. Unlike TENS machines that simply mask pain, BioWave’s high frequency, alternating current system blocks pain at its source for long-lasting relief.

Using non-invasive pain relief pads, an active, electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each pad, so pads should be placed directly over the source of your pain. One 30-minute session can provide up to 24 hours pain relief for chronic, acute or post-operative pain.

Biowave - How does it work

Fast Results
Biowave technology begins working as soon as the intensity is turned up to a strong treatment level.

Proven Results
Over 84% of patients saw a reduction in pain after just one 30-minute session.

100% Drug-Free, Non-Opioid
Clinical studies, doctors and patients report that using BioWaveGO reduces consumption of opioids and other pain medication by up to 50%

Long Lasting Pain Relief
Patients who respond to BioWaveGO experience pain relief and improved function for up to 24 hours following a 30-minute treatment.

*Hegarty et al. Pain Practise 2021

  • The initial 30-minute treatment is provided on site.
  • We will identify the correct electrode position and type of electrodes you will need.
  • Explain the principle use of the BioWaveGo device.
  • Download the BioWave App to your phone for extra information (

Please refer to guide with the device for clear instructions:

  • BioWaveGo can be used for 30 minutes at a time. The device has this limit build in.
  • You should allow a 30-minute break between treatments but it can be used as often as needed every day.
  • After a trail period 2 weeks of treatment we shall assess your outcome by telephone.
  • You can monitor your use the device using the BioWaveApp (it will record this for you and we can review this data)
  • Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and other physical activity can continue and should be increased if possible.

1. If are you getting relief using 30%-50% intensity on the device it is likely that you will benefit from the having the device long-term.

2. If the treatment is not providing a sense of improvement in conjunction with other treatments then we can book you into the pain clinic and review the situation.

Please contact us about the cost of the clinic treatment sessions and the device if it meets your needs.

There will be a "electrical" sensation noted in the area during the treatment this is normal. This does not need to be painful. It will wear off gradually.

It is normal that the pain may increase in intensity over the first 24 hours days after the treatment.

Numbness (Paraestheisa) may be present in the area where the pads were placed

Allergy to the electrode pads is unusual. Some slight skin "redness" may occur.

Generally you can return to light activity as soon as you wish.

There may be numbness in the region treated. This is normal.

BioWaveGo has very few side effects following the treatment. Skin redness and swelling in the treated may occur. There is a small risk of developing a skin infection of the skin is not kept clean and moist between treatments.

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Disclaimer: This information is to assist individuals understand the key goals of Biowave Therapy and it should not replace the opinion of the pain consultant.

Find out if BioWave will help your pain!

At the BioWave Clinic we will provide you with a wearable device that can provide you with pain relief.

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