Pfizer Lunch Time Learning Lounge 2016

Pain Relief Ireland are pleased to announce that our Clinical Director Dr. Hegarty , has being invited again to deliver the prestigious "Pfizer Lunchtime Learning lounge" webinar 2016. This learning webinar typically attracts over 200 primary care centers to logon making it the largest educational tool of it type in Ireland.

Dr. Hegarty, who is Chair of the Cork CRPS Forum and Co -ordinator of the major international conference in CRPS in Cork in 2017, will discuss the importance of early recognition of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and explain how each primary care center can help in the early management of this condition that effects 10-15% of hand injuries annually with huge economical and social costs for individuals.

This year will also see for the first time inclusion of the clinical webinar as part of the School of Medicine education program. This will offer future medical graduates the opportunity to actively see the role of pain management in the clinical setting.

In addition to delivering the lecture Dr. Hegarty will answer questions from over 200 centers that will link up to the live broadcast thereby allowing the real-time solutions to many everyday issues.

Please register with the Pfizer website to log on.

Lunchtime Learning Lounge

Thursday 15th September, 13:00-14:00

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