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1st StimRouterTM Neuromodulation System Implanted in Ireland & UK!

Pain Relief Ireland is pleased to announce that Dr Dominic Hegarty (Clinical Director), in conjunction with Bioness, Inc., a leading provider of cutting edge, clinically supported rehabilitation therapies, has successfully implanted the first StimRouter Neuromodulation System implantations.

This is the first time the device has being implanted in Ireland or the UK and is a significant advancement in treatment options for chronic pain localised to specific peripheral nerves.

As a minimally invasive device designed to reduce pain by specifically targeting the affected peripheral nerve, StimRouter is a cost-effective alternative to injections, ongoing medication regiments, and complex surgeries. The therapy provides non-opioid Pain Relief to multiple chronic pain anatomical sites.

“For many years we have had limited solutions to help our patients manage their debilitating pain,” shared Dr. Dominic Hegarty, a trained Interventional Neuromodulation and Pain Management Specialist. “I’m very pleased to be able to provide the best neuromodulation options for my patients. I am confident that the StimRoute technology will be suitable for a greater range of patients in the future.” “At Pain Relief Ireland we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the management of chronic pain. The StimRouter is a valauble addition to this area with very solid clinical evidence in certain chronic pain conditions” says Dr. Hegarty who is the Chairperson and Irish represenative at the Board of the World Insititue of Pain (WIP).

What is the StimRouterTM ?

StimRouter was the first FDA cleared non-drug, long-term, minimally invasive neuromodulation medical device indicated to treat chronic pain of a peripheral nerve origin. The patient controlled device is an adjunct to other modes of therapy (e.g., medications) and is being well received by patients and clinicians alike internationally.

The StimRouter is currently being implanted at prestigious clinical institutions in Europe and in the US to treat chronic peripheral nerve pain, with specific focus on the following conditions or areas:

  • Axillary nerve (e.g. post-stroke shoulder pain)
  • Ulnar nerve (e.g. cubital tunnel syndrome)
  • Ilioinguinal (e.g. post-surgical hernia complication)
  • Superior Cluneal nerve (e.g. lower back neuralgia)

“As clinicians and patients continue to look for effective and sustainable ways to treat and manage pain, it is rewarding to see patients thrive with our StimRouter technology,” shared Todd Cushman, President and CEO of Bioness. “Pain is more than just a barrier to a comfortable life and pursing employment, it can be what prevents patients from being able to seek therapy to rehabilitate an injury or illness.”

What is involved in the technique?

StimRouter is licenced to treat chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin. StimRouter is a minimally invasive neuromodulation medical device consisting of a thin, implanted lead with conductive electrode that is implanted next to the specific nerve.

Electrical signals are transmitted transdermally from the external pulse transmitter (EPT) on the skin through the electrode, down the lead to the target nerve.

StimRouter is programmed at the direction of the physician to meet patient requirements but is controlled by the patient to address the patients specific, changing pain management needs using and hand-held wireless patient programmer.

For more information on the StimRouter as well as videos of real patients sharing their StimRouter experience, please visit


Photo: Dr. Hegarty (Clinical Director Pain Relief Ireland) recieved the first StimRouter Device from Mr. Johan Maas (Director Neuromodulation EMEA Bioness ) and Mr. Rem Ledener (Technical Consultant Bioness USA) prior to implantaion December 2016