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Basically……Taking Pain with Stephanie Preissner!

Prof. Dominic Hegarty was invited to chat Basically about pain by Stefanie on her long standing podcast show that takes news stories and makes sense of them.

Stefanie (author, actor, podcaster) interviews experts and individuals with experience in various areas to break complex ideas in a way that is basic for everyone to understand.

Previous guests on the podcast include An Taoiseach Michael Martin, Luke O’Neill, Simon Harris, as well as experts discussing topics.

With over 160 episodes the show has a very large following.

Prof. Hegarty discussed everything from what pain is, to the mechanism of pain pathways how to interrupt them and how technology as completely change a person life. Prof Hegarty answers question on drives the neuroscience of pain, how to managing fibromyalgia’s to how to avoid Solpdeine (Stefeanie’s old boyfriend !!).

Prof. Hegarty Live on  Basically……Taking Pain with Stephanie Preissner!

Listen to Prof. Hegarty on the Podcast here: