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Healthcare Podcast Series

In the engaging podcast discussion, Priscilla Lynch and Prof Hegarty delve into the pivotal challenges facing pain medicine today, emphasising the indispensable role of innovation and technological advancement in revolutionising patient care.

From the evolution and triumphs of neuromodulation to the strategic use of analgesics across different pain conditions, they explore the multifaceted landscape of pain management with a focus on achieving optimal outcomes for every individual.

“…It’s been a pleasure really to be in this area, such an exciting area and even in my short window of 15 or 20 years involved now, so many things have changed, so many things for the better in my opinion and there’s a greater acceptance. So it was the challenge, the innovation, looking forward. It had everything you wanted [as a specialty] from my point of view.” – Prof Dominic A. Hegarty

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