At Pain Relief Ireland we recognize that individuals who suffer chronic pain need to have access to experts who understand the limits imposed by pain on their rehabilitation. We want to provide individuals with a holistic and integrated pain management program specifically designed to meet their individual needs.

We believe, like Steve Maraboli (Author, and Behavioral Science Academic) “an inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention”. We want to help you on the road to recovery in the best possible way.

Physiotherapy provided in a timely and supervised way can play a vital role in helping restore wellness to people following injury, pain or disability.

Why is this Unique?

Our aim at Pain Relief Ireland is to provide individualized programs to improve your recovery in a convenient, caring and supportive way.

The most unique feature of the physiotherapy clinic is the ongoing collaboration between the physiotherapists who are experienced in dealing with chronic pain with our pain consultant to optimize your treatment quickly and effectively

The Physiotherapy Program

A completely bespoke treatment plan that takes into account your particular condition, concerns and needs, will be agreed between you and your physiotherapist. Typically your Pain Relief Ireland physiotherapy program will include:


Taking a detailed history of your symptoms, along with a physical examination.


Following your assessment, you will receive a diagnosis of the problem, including the underlying causes. We aim to explain to you in ‘Simple English’ the source, or sources, of your pain.


Your physiotherapist will monitor your progress at each visit, and will amend your treatment program depending on how your condition is responding.


Particular attention is placed on your progress if you have had a pain relieving procedure in order to maximize the benefit of this procedure

Integrated Healthcare

When appropriate, your physiotherapist will liaise with your consultant or other health care professionals at Pain Relief Ireland, making sure that you receive seamless and integrated healthcare. This ensures you receive a convenient and seamless follow up across the program.


You will be advised on when to return to work, when to resume sport, how to return to your daily activities - and how to prevent a recurrence of your pain.


We also follow up with you after discharge to see how you are doing. Thus ensuring you are continuing to make progress without any setbacks.

Physiotherapy Options

Acupuncture - provision of this treatment option
Manual techniques – manipulation, traction or mobilisation of the affected joints to restore movement.
Soft tissue techniques – massage, frictions, trigger point therapy, acupressure and stretching.
Stretching, strengthening or postural exercises - which you may be advised to continue at home
Electrotherapy – ultrasound, interferential, TENS, laser or electrical stimulation therapy may help speed up healing and reduce pain.
Biomechanical assessment and prescription – of orthotics (customised insoles).
Assess and give advice - on ergonomics (working postures) to offload injured structures.
Application of heat and ice - to help pain and healing, and advice on home use.
Prescription and fitting - of supports, braces and walking aids.
Hydrotherapy planning