Pain Relief Ireland recognizes that a firm, clearly written evidence-based medical report is fundamental to the success of any case.

We appreciate the difficulties lawyers and senior council have in sourcing expert opinion medical reports that evaluates all the facts, offers a diagnosis and a probable prognosis for your clients based on the clinical literature.

At Pain Relief Ireland we can provide you with the solution to these issues.

Overview of Our Services

  • Opinion of an international expert consultant with 12 years experience in pain management
  • Provision of clear and uncomplicated reports for your team and the court in UK and Ireland
  • All cases are assessed individually
  • Case notes analysis with provision of written informative opinions
  • A clear account of fees are provided so you are always aware of the budget requirements
  • Pre-instruction case discussions
  • Teleconferences
  • Case conferences at chambers (Cork Ireland, & London UK)
  • Court attendance
  • Educational courses & Presentations at meetings can be arranged if required

Contact us

For further information about any matters concerning expert witness or medico legal matters do not hesitate to contact our office manager Julie at +353 (0)21 235 5500.

All correspondence should go to Pain Relief Ireland, Consultation Suite, Orthopaedic & Spine Centre, Mater Private Hospital, City Gate, Cork, Ireland T12 K199