I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Hegarty so much for the care, kindness and attention paid to mammy today. It is genuinely appreciated by me.

From a Patients' Family Member

Thanks a million Dominic, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and was blown away by the amount of work put into it by Ray and yourself and the eventual outcome.

RE: scientific paper co-authored by Dr. Hegarty

Excellent Speaker, simplified the topics well to apply to daily practise.

Event: 6th Interdisciplinary Pain Symposium, Cork November 2018

Thank You very much for the slides from Your Refresher Course! I learned a lot from Your session and hope to be able to provide better care now than before!

Event: Key Note speaker at European Regional & Anaesthesia Society, Congress, Dublin September 2018

He's my Dr with years. What an absolute gentleman. So so nice and kind. Have all my faith in Dr Hegarty with years.

It was a great evening, two excellent presentations and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The feedback was very good. Grunenthal are delighted to be a part of this meeting and look forward to the 6th next year!

Event Testimonial: Interdisciplinary Pain Symposium 2017

Dr Hegarty has been looking after me for the past few years and the man is a genius as far as I'm concerned. Anyone suffering with chronic pain should go to see him, he goes above and beyond for his patients, I'm not sure how I would have coped without his help and guidance over the years.

Thanks to Dr Dominic Hegarty for the early intervention into my CRPS. The Pain Relief Ireland pain management team and physio therapist and occupational therapist all supported me to improve my quality of life. I am now able to manage my pain. Thank you again.

I was referred to Dr. Dominic Hegarty, Pain Relief Ireland for pain management many years ago. I am 100% happy with the service and treatment I have received from Dr Hegarty and his team.

On all levels, the staff are both professional and efficient, friendly and compassionate. Dr Hegarty understands the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management which is truly at the heart of effectively treating clients with chronic pain.

I have the highest regard for Dr Hegarty and his team and have no hesitation giving my fullest recommendation.