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Covid-19 Clinic Update

If you are wondering will you be able to access pain management in level 5 lockdown the answer is simple…… Absolutely YES!

At Pain Relief Ireland we understand that you want and need health services to continue to be available as much as possible. We have adapted over the last 5 months very effectively and we are delighted to say we shall be continuing to operate. However, because of the unpredictable nature of COVID-19, we may need to adapt from time to time to continue to protect people from infection risk.

The Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, announced Level 5 Restrictions will remain in place for the next month. At the same time Government Publications updated the list of essential services that are excluded from restrictions at Level 5 ( from The Department of the Taoiseach 30.12.20). 

In this updated list of essential services were included Healthcare, both Hospital and Outpatient Services.  They also clearly defined individual travel for medical appointments as essential travel and therefore travel for medical appointments is excluded from Level 5 Restrictions.  

At Pain Relief Ireland and in conjunction with the Mater Hospital guidelines we are implementing strict infection prevention and control (IPC) measures across our services. These include:

  • The application of social distancing within our waiting, treatment, and recovery spaces in now standard practice.
  • Pre-clinical screening at the entrance to the buildings is ongoing. We ask you to co-operate with this simple mechanism.
  • Internal barriers, screening and mandatory face coverings are the norm. We know it is hard sometimes to adapt to these “un-friendly” environments but it is in everyone interest to say protected.
  • In some situations COVID swabbing / screening shall be required within 48 hours of your procedure. If this is the case we will organise this with you.
  • Make sure you bring your letter with you appointment details with you as evidence of your medical appointment in case you are stopped.

If you have any suspicion that you may be infected then you are asked to ring ahead and postpone your appointment. We will reschedule it as quickly as possible.

Where possible, we may offer to connect with people using telehealth, providing consultations on phone or on video calls. This might be an option for you so please ask.

This is a challenging time for the clinical setting and is it going to take another major effort by everyone in 2021 to stay safe. We will all need the patience and support of our staff, our patients, their families and the public to make this work.

It is also important that a safe, consistent approach is taken across all the healthcare services and we know we can provide the long term treatment that you require at this time.

What we have seen is that COVID-19 is not going to suddenly disappear. At Pain Relief Ireland will need to continue with these precautions and protocols for the foreseeable future. While we do not want COVID-19 to impact on our pain management plan unnecessarily, we need to ensure the safety of you your families and our staff, to make this work.

Until the vaccines help us to move on good hand cleaning, social distancing and public co-operation is of paramount importance if we are to stay safe.

If you have any issues please contact us on